Just got back from the lovely wedding of our Scott to his Eleni in Crete, Greece. The wedding was magical at a Church and restaurant right on the beach. Lots of wonderful friends and relatives…lots of great food and wine…typical Greek and US style dancing….and lots of fun. Her mother who is from the town, Rethymnon, where the wedding was held, was a gracious hostess. The bride was beautiful and the groom was handsome and shots of Raki(local moonshine) made us all feel like we were Greeks. I was honored that eleni wore the dress I designed in my “Knitting In Tuscany ” book.

Eleni’s Mom Lina and her relatives especially Uncle George took us all over Crete to incredible locations, and we could not stop her from cooking wonderful meals for us although we were dining out at wonderful restaurants.


Crete was amazingly beautiful from rugged majestic mountains to beautiful luxurious beaches. The people are incredibly friendly(even though finacial time are tough, the people of Cret remain charming and hopeful)…the restaurants and hotels are wonderful(and reasonable)…the shopping is fun(beautiful handmade lace), and all in all in was beyond our expectations, which were high. We want to return(hopefully not in summer), and that’s the mark of a good time. We also took a daytrip cruise to the breathtaking island of Santorini.. I also found, naturally, a couple of lovely yarn shops in Rethymnom and I helped a local woman pick out buttons for her knitted sweater. Here’s just a bunch of photos that may give you a feeling of the wonderful wedding and vacation we had.