Just got back from 4 wonderful days at the VK Live Show at the New York Hilton–It was a great success and there were even more people attending than last year–As always, got to see many old friends and make new ones–There were over 70 vendors selling all kinds  of knitwear products, a gala dinner/ fashion show and non-stop events.Two of the many products that I liked were “Fix-A-Stitch”, a two ended crochet hook that helps you fix stitches that need to be (www.FixAStitch.com) and Jazz Turtles Creations yarn, beautiful handspun yarn incorporating metallics and georgeous feathers etc, (www.jazzturtle.etsy.com).

I signed lots and lots of books, had filled classes, and my new power point presentation drew over 200 enthusuastic knitters–

VK held a classy charitable auction at a gallery downtown, for the Women”s Heart Association, with personal items contributed by various designers–My sheep painting sold for an amazing $2,800 for the charity–I’m thinking of changing careers!

My book “Knitting In Circles” goes to press in two weeks and I’m feverishly making minor editorial changes–I’m thrilled with the way it turned out and hope you will be too.

A SERIOUS NOTE ABOUT KNITWEAR PLAGIARISM AND PIRACY–Recently, a prestigious craft company (I will not reveal details) sponsored a cash award afghan design contest–The winner was awarded a generous cash prize, the design was published in a book, and the design was put on the market in a kit with the amateur “designer’s” name on it, along with royalties for her–The only problem was…the design was entirely MINE. It turns out, that a number of women (bless them) recognized that it was my design that had been published in a magazine, some years ago, and informed the unknowing craft company about it. The company, being an honorable institution, contacted me, explained the situation, apologized and made restitution. MY POINT IS:In our internet world, knitwear plagiarism and piracy goes on all the time…Knitwear designers work very hard, for modest compensation, and too many times their work is compromised by the untalented and the unprincipled. The individdual who took my design was not only unfair to me and to the craft company, but also to the talented knitters who created original designs for the afghan contest–Plagiarism and piracy on the internet is hard to police, so if you come across any example of it (patterns, kits, books, etc) for ANY designer’s work…SHOUT IT OUT, as the good samaritans did, in my case–Thanks for listening.

I’m setting up my traveling/teaching/book signings schedule for 2012 and fielding request from many yarn shops and organizations–So many wonderful invitations… So little time!

Gung Hay Fat Choi–Happy Chinese New Year–Year Of The Dragon.

Happy Knitting, Nicky