From October 8th to November 8th I was home for a total of 3 days (and in those 3 days finishing up 2 books, and negotiating a new one)…Howie was home for 5 days, but 3 of those days without electricity, water, heat, and land phone!  I went from New York to London, to Paris, to New York, to Chicago, to Edmonton, to Jasper, back to Edmonton, to Toronto, to(thank goodness) New York! Such is the glamorous and not-so-glamorous life of a knitwear designer/ author! I’ll tell you about my adventures and misadventures in a series of blogs…this one starting with the trip to London!

For the sixth straight year my distributor in the UK, GMC invited me to book signings at the incredible Knitting & Stitching Show, at the Alexandra Palace just ouside of London, to promote my new book “Knitting In Circles”. This year there was a new twist to the visit. They booked me for two show on the QVC Television Network, to do 2 shows. I was nervous , but excited. The QVC Television Studio,  is an enourmous complex in Chiswick, London. I was ushedred into my private dessing/makeup room and was briefed by the producers. I was to do a 5 minute show in the morning and a 10 minute show in the afternoon. Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the first show went very smoothly, and then the afternoon show went very well including an on camera model who looked beautiful wearing the ” Eternity Dress” from the book. After the show we were lead to the computer room which quickly calculates the sales of the book, and to our surprise and joy the book was a complete sellout (600 copies) less than 5 minutes after the show ended. The QVC people said they had never had a knitting book that had ever done as well and they invited me back–It was very exciting 

We then headed out to the great Knitting & Stitching show at the Alexandra Palace. It’s a beautiful venue and over 45,00 people attend this great all crafts show–I saw many old friends and made made new ones, and signed lots of books.

The big sellers were “Knitting In Circles”, “The Essential Edgings Collection” and “Knitting Block by Block”. the British knitters are lovely and enthusiastic and made me feel right at home again. I was also asked to be a judge in the new/student designer contest and love the creativity displayed by these youngsters.  The gang(Chandra, Neil and of course, Tony) at GMC could not have been more helpful, and it is always a joy to see Lady Emma, The pubs are still wonderful too. I had a great time.

Next Stop–Paris!