Late lenchanted cover not finalLast year I decided to do a costume knit book based on mystical, magical, fairy tale characters and decided upon the title “Enchanted Knits”. After months on making design sketches, finding dolls (mostly Madame Alexander available at Walmart, KMart or online),choosing characters, selecting yarn, knitting the outfits, endless meetings about concepts backgrounds, layouts, props etc,… we were ready to shoot. My wonderful art director Joe Vior gave us many wonderful background choices that made this look like no other knit doll book–Then into the creative Jack Deutsch’s studio for five days, of stressful, hardworking, but incredibly joyous photography…Lighting was done for each doll, props were selected, dolls were posed to give the life(making Peter Pan fly…having the Forest Bride hug her beautiful horse etc) and always keeping in mind the backgrounds that would be done in post production. It all came together beautifully! The book that will be released Septemer 1, 2015. Following are some of the behind the scenes shots of the shoot that I hope you will enjoy seeing. I’m sharing a little insight because I get asked so often about how my books are produced.. The book was sent to the printer May 30th,  andwe will get a few pre-press copies soon and then three months later the book will be ready!


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