Hi- Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but it’s been non-stop work, putting the finishing touches on my new book “Knitting in Circles”, creating new designs , teaching and traveling back to back to back—Santa Fe, New Mexico….Clarksburg, West Virginia…and tomorrow I leave for Atlanta, Georgia to teach ,lecture and sign books at Stitches South…So forgive me if this blog is a little shorter than usual–I gotta pack again!

I had a fantastic time in Santa Fe, all orchestrated by the gacious  Bev of the charming OOdles Yarn & Bead shop. Great food, great margharitas, great knitting and great people. Women from all over the Southwest..New Mexico, Texas, etc. (we even had one woman who came all the way down from Oregon) bonded, learned and had fun in my classes and at my power point presentation.

I got to have one day of relaxation, enjoying beautiful Santa Fe with it’s great museums, Native American market, and wondeful architecture. For the first 3 days the weather was in the mid 70’s, but as we came out of lunch on my day off we walked into an incredible snowstorm…but it was beautiful.


Back from beautiful but unpredictable Santa Fe for 2 days and off to wild and wondeful West Vriginia for an Easter visit with my Dad, family and friends. I particularly enjoyed my neice & nephews Tristan,Scott, and the non-stop active Mason(we had an impromptu Easter egg hunt for him at my Dad’s house). I was hopelfully  going to get some rest, but I never stopped running…still it was great!

Back to New York for a couple of days and then tomorrow I am gone with the wind to Atlanta, Georgia for Stitches South, fried chicken and mint juleps. Here’s a picture of Howie and myself, the last time we were in Atlanta.

Happy Knitting, Nicky